Monday, May 30, 2011


I feel great! I am down 19.5 lbs...... I am less cranky and I am feeling good. My knees dont hurt ANY WHERE NEAR as much as they used to. My migraines are all but gone. My hips, back and joints dont hurt like they used to....
Im ready to to the actuall work out portion of my weight loss... No I wont be able to jump right into the heavy jumping and the over the top work outs.. but I will be able to do more then I was doing before. AND the best part when i have pain it will be from the work out not because if the work out. If that doesnt make sense
Normally what happends is that I try and work out and because of all the problems I have I hurt bad.. And so I stop working out and it hurts for several days... Now I should hurt in the muscles and the be sore from actually getting to work out...
So any ways, I feel great and hope that I am becomeing someone I can be proud of and my family can be proud of .
I am so proud of my boys and my husband I want to look like I belong with them..
So another weeek down and 2 more to go... This isnt easy.. But anything in life worth doing is worth working for...
I can do this and I can keep it off!!!!!!! I know I can!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I did a NO NO

No not the new hair removal I did a no no because I ate a bowl of cereal..:(
It wasnt in my list of foods to eat.. And I had an allergic reaction to it.. Im not sure what part I am allergic to, but the roof of my mouth became uncrontollably itchy. My lips swelled slightly and around my mouth was itchy and red...
So even though Im sad that I broke the rules of my diet I am happy to finally know something that I seem to have an allergy to.
I have soent many years uncomfortable and itchy and not knowing why I have had doctors just pass over my issues , like weight gain, joint pain, asthma thats uncrontrolled by normal methods, mood swings at a drop of a hat, and thats just the ones I remember.
So now that I have gone back on my diet the mood swings are still here but I am hoping they will go away again. And now I have 1 more peice to the puzzle.. Let me just say that when you have doctors who think your a hypo, you begin to believe you are a hypo too.
My family believed I was a hypo.
Since begining htis diet, most of my pain has gone away. And most of my mood swings have gone. ( with the exception of the 1st week)
So even though I am down 14.5 lbs I am still struggling with know what got me to the point I was. A large part has to be what I put in my mouth..
I hope I can still find a good balance of food once I am done with my diet.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Start of week 3

I have lost a grand total of 13.5 lbs and 15.5 inches overall. I'm so excited to watch this weight just FALL off of me!
This is a wonderful growing experience. I have a Doctor helping me with this and I love that i have this opportunity to get the weight off in a ALL around change..
It has taught me what the true meaning of discipline is. It has taught me how strong self control can be. And how hard it is to exercises self control.
I will not say that every day has been easy but I will say that with each chocolate bar resisted, with each soda not drank, with each food I put in my mouth I am learning something about myself. I CAN do this and ANYTHING else I put my mind to.. I am strong! I am able to let go of some control... And when I ate before the diet started I was a slave to my food cravings. Not eating to survive....Surviving to eat what ever I wanted. I was not disciplined but I am working on it now... I will come away from this a better person on many different levels. I will come away from this a strong person!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Happy day!

I was rudely awoken this morning by my loving husband.. Well not rudely. He was very kind about waking me up. I say rudely because I did not want to wake up. I have noticed with this diet that My rash around my mouth seems pretty bright. And I have a small rash on each shoulder. Neither are truely bothersome,other then my face is visable if I dont have makeup on.
Luckly I can cover up the one on my face and that makes me happy! I was hopeing that I would have been able to have eleviated that rash because I have elliminated so many foods and drinks from my diet. Well it may be that we need to do some allergy testing after all is said and done.

I will have to say that I truely feel happy.. Not that giddy happy that you get when you are about to go some where or do something youve been planning for a long time. But that deep down inside happy where Im not waking up angry, Im not bitting everyones heads off when they talk to me. I am actually pleasant to be around.(I hope, I feel like I want to be around my family more)
So I woke up this morning to have 1.5 lbs gone AGAIN! This diet rocks ! Its not easy but I have such a big reward almost every morning that it makes all the suffering worth it. And truely I am not suffering as much as you would think on a 500 callorie a day diet. Its all in my head not my tummy. I feel wonderful. My stomach doest create that muffin top it has been doing for so long. and My legs are slimming down. My arms are slimming down. I know this may sound wierd.. but the only part Im upset about loosing is my chest. When I lost all my baby weight after having Brady I was nothig but skin. And that doesnt fit well in clothes. But even if that happens (which its so far the only part of my body that hasnt changed..yeah) It will be worth it. Because I will be healthy and LOOK wonderful!
Im so excited to see what comes off tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The New and Improved Julie

So I have been very uncomfortable with my weight gain over the past few years. And I will admit I have tried alot of diet programs and I have lost steam because I dont get the results I want I am working my BUTT off (obviously not litterally)and just winding up hurting so bad I complain and dont do it again and gain back everything I lost..:(
Well I started a NEW diet that is very strick..VERY STRICK! But it is helping in many ways.
1.) instant gratification which is ALWAYS good...
2.)Helps me figure out what foods I am allergic to without paying hundreds of dollars for special allergy panels.
3.) Im NOT hungry! That is by far the best part or the diet..(besides the weight loss)
4. ) In 1 week I have lost 8lbs and 9 1/2 in over my entire body.
So having said that I know it sounds great and where can I get into this. I was so easily upset this past week Im not sure any of my family is really talking to me right now. Yesterday I felt crappy when I woke up and I fell great now. I went to my drs appt and found out how much I had lost and how surprised she was that I had lost that much made me feel like it was all worth it.
This is called the HCG diet. And its expensive but my dr is helping me with the billing of my insurance. The life style change and the weight loss is worth it all.
I will say that I didnt realize how much "food" was apart of my life. Even though I am not hungry physically; mentally is another story. Its almost like quiting smoking again. I want the food when i see it. It makes me a angry when I see people over indulging. And I am peeing like a race horse! I have to give up soda completely and I have to drink 1 gallon of water a day !Its alot of water when you dont drink as much as you should! lol
It makes me angry to watch people eat food that looks better then mine. Not better in the sense that its better for you, but better in the sense that is covered in some kind of sauce, has more then 2 items on the plate and looks yummy! I know that I am working towards a better ME and I feel great knowing that my body is going to be healthy and working right. I will not exclude all those "yummy" foods for ever. But they will come in small quantities and very rarely. Life is all about balance and I am working towards balance.
This week is much easier the last week. I felt raring to go yesterday after my apt. And today even though I was tired upon waking I am feeling quite good now.
I will use this blog to vent and share all of my loss. Once I am said and done I will post my before and after pictures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Where oh Where did dear little Evan go?

I looked and looked for Evan and finally I noticed something I hadnt noticed before:
Evan had fallen asleep under the blanket on the floor. So there is dear little Evan!

Late Valentines day posting


This is how all fruit should be eatin! Yummy!