Monday, May 30, 2011


I feel great! I am down 19.5 lbs...... I am less cranky and I am feeling good. My knees dont hurt ANY WHERE NEAR as much as they used to. My migraines are all but gone. My hips, back and joints dont hurt like they used to....
Im ready to to the actuall work out portion of my weight loss... No I wont be able to jump right into the heavy jumping and the over the top work outs.. but I will be able to do more then I was doing before. AND the best part when i have pain it will be from the work out not because if the work out. If that doesnt make sense
Normally what happends is that I try and work out and because of all the problems I have I hurt bad.. And so I stop working out and it hurts for several days... Now I should hurt in the muscles and the be sore from actually getting to work out...
So any ways, I feel great and hope that I am becomeing someone I can be proud of and my family can be proud of .
I am so proud of my boys and my husband I want to look like I belong with them..
So another weeek down and 2 more to go... This isnt easy.. But anything in life worth doing is worth working for...
I can do this and I can keep it off!!!!!!! I know I can!!!!!

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